Super Skivvies: Comic Con Underwear Roundup

comic con underwear top

With the annual conference finishing up in San Diego this weekend, we’ve had Comic Con underwear on our minds. What does one wear under a leather panel kilt? What really happened to Superman’s undies? And how many high-flying underwear sightings can we expect to see in the highly anticipated forthcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Well, Comic Con is nothing if not a time for recon by lovers of superheroes and supernaturals alike. So while we can’t predict Joss Whedon’s underwear disposition, or resurrect the Man of Steel’s red skivvies, we did scour the crowd of costumed fans for some choice underwear sightings. With hardcore fanatics swarming the scene, these are no half-ass Halloween get-ups. These kids check their shyness at the door.

We also dug up our favorite underwear shots of some of the biggest Hollywood names on hand at the convention.These strapping, real life men of steel are set to star in some of the most buzz worthy projects announced and discussed over the weekend. So naturally, we got to thinking of them in their underwear.

Check out our Comic Con underwear roundup, and let us know if you’ve got some superhero skivvies tucked away for a rainy day.

Photo Credits: ScreenCrush, JustJared, FanPop, MaleCelebNews, AP, Getty.