#Hotties: Leo Corredor’s Package and More Underwear Model Instagram & Twitter Pics

This week in Underwear Model Instagram and Twitter Pics, model/ photographer Leonardo Corredor uploaded a special delivery from Madrid, all wrapped up in a red bow. The tanned stud offered an extreme close up of his swimwear (and contents therein) while lounging poolside with a group of likeminded sunbathers.

Joining Leo in his shirtless pursuit of a good time, Andrew Christian models Jon Varak and Noah Wright hit up the clubs of West Hollywood showing off their bar top ready bods. Matt Cook Jr. also partied shirtless, looking curiously into a bottle of bright red liquor while shirtless in his Polo Ralph Laurens. On a slightly more wholesome note, Jake Hold and his adorable pug puppy got sudsy in the bath.

Not everyone’s week was all fun and games, with Colby Melvin and fellow models posing on the job in Marco Marco and Ricki Hall and James Edward Quaintance taking a breather after a busy day on the London set of a shared editorial. Tobias Sorensen had his work cut out for him with the confusing contents of an Ikea box spread before him and not a clue where to start.

Check out this week in Underwear Model Instagram and Twitter Pics and follow your favorites for more updates!

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Photo Credits: Instagram, Twitter.

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