5 Rising Stars We’d Like to See in Underwear

Hollywood directors know how to get the women—and some men —into theater seats for a movie: cast a good-looking, talented actor and have him show a little skin. It’s a good tactic too—after all, how many women and men swooned when Christian Bale hopped out of bed shirtless and clad only in his underwear in Batman Begins to start doing push ups? Or how many women and men have swooned to a shirtless Brad Pitt in Troy?

However, if Hollywood really wants to pack the theaters and throw a bone to the men and women who do appreciate a little eye-candy from time to time, here’s a list of the top five up-and-coming actors who we wish would either bare all or, at the very least, lounge around in their underwear for a scene or two.

Charlie Hunnam

While he may be best known for his role on the acclaimed television show Sons of Anarchy, Hunnam was able to hold his own against the likes of Idris Elba and Rinko Kikuchi in Guillermo Del Toro’s latest movie Pacific Rim. While fans did get a glimpse of his chiseled chest in the movie, it was far too short. We say: let Hunnam show off that body.

Tom Hiddleston

Although at first glance Hiddleston isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill Hollywood beefcake, it’s obvious that men and women love him. Dressed as his character ‘Loki,’ he commanded a crowd of 7,000 fans at San Diego Comic Con 2013! However, while Hiddleston makes a long flowing green cape and armor look good, it wouldn’t hurt his career if he showed off his long and lean physique.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Levitt made a cop uniform look good when he played the role of Office Robin Blake in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and he’s a fine actor. However, we do wish that he’d take off his shirt and show a little skin. Levitt’s a handsome man and we appreciate the eye-candy!

Henry Cavill

The new Superman is clearly comfortable in showing off his body—just look at how the camera gazes lovingly at his abdominals in certain shots of Man of Steel. Also, he’s bared it all before in The Tudors, when he played the rakish Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk—but that was so long ago, and he’s clearly buffed up to play America’s favorite superhero. After all, his fans need to see comparison shots for the before and after pics! Right? Right!

Evan Peters

Although he’s shown a little bit of skin in Seasons One and Two of FX’s ‘American Horror Story’, we’d love it if his new role as ‘Quiksilver’ in Bryan Singer’s upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past allowed this handsome hunk to show off his bod. C’mon Singer, you know you want to throw Peter’s legions of devoted fans a bone!

Let us know if you agree with our list of Hollywood hunks who we hope bares more skin in future roles or if there’s anyone you think we missed!

Photo Credits: via Men’s Fitness, via The Independent, via bleedingcool.com, via ahawallpaper.com, via Flaunt Magazine

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