#Hotties: The Week In Underwear Model Instagram & Twitter Pics

Top models aren’t just limited to posing for professionals, we mined their social media accounts to put together 10 of our favorite underwear model Twitter pictures and Instagrams. Sometimes, there’s just no greater angle than a selfie. Especially when you happen to be a professional model.

Whether whipping out their mobiles to snap pics on the job or while travelling in far away lands, these models prove they get paid the bug bucks to flash their mugs for a reason. That reason being they are damn fine, yes, but they also know a thing or two about finding their light and working the lens.¬†Some of our picks even get paid for more than just modeling underwear, but we’ll try not to hold it against them (and we hope you’ll do the same).

You’ll see these guys are also expert at incorporating an accessory into their shots (or co-star, as the case may be), whether it be a kitten, a puppy, or even Tyra Banks herself. And that’s no small feat.

Check out 10 of our favorite underwear model Twitter pictures and Instagrams, and follow these photogenic fellas on social media to see more where these came from!

Photo Credits: Instagram, Twitter.

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