Who Wore It Better: Nathan vs Chord Overstreet

In a world filled with more people than different styles of underwear to go around, underwear duplicates can be pretty common. We here at The Underwear Expert certainly try to make the best of it, pairing up celebrities, models and athletes alike to decide Who Wore It Better. In this Who Wore It Better feature, actors Nathan Owens and Chord Overstreet go head to head in their gold shorts! Want to help us decide Who Wore It Better? Check out the guys below, and vote to help us decide.

Days of Our Lives star Nathan Owens showed off his secret stripper skills this week, and the gold shorts definitely gave him an edge. After throwing away his lousy boxer shorts, Nathan showed us he’s worthy of the gold. The ladies in this scene certainly showed us how much they love Nathan in his gold shorts, but is it enough to say he wore it better? Let’s take a look at the competition…

Chord Overstreet also donned some gold shorts in the Rocky Horror episode of Glee. All the characters took up a role in the school musical, and luckily for us (and the entire world), Chord’s character Sam played Rocky, gold shorts and all. Chord Overstreet has been no stranger when it comes to showing off his undies, but what do you think of Chord in his gold shorts? Is his superstar status enough to say he wore it better? Keep scrolling to make your decision!

Make sure to do some careful examining of Nathan Owens, Chord Overstreet and both these guys’ gold shorts (are you an underwear expert or aren’t you??) and cast your vote to let us know Who Wore It Better!

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Photo Credit: Fox, NBC