Seven Sexy Models in N2N

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The people behind N2N don’t just pick anyone to model their brand’s underwear. N2N Bodywear’s mission is to provide comfortable apparel that can make any man feel masculine, sexy and confident. The brand works hard through its advertising to communicate the success of its mission to new audiences. By employing models like William Levy and Kaylan Morgan, N2N has stood out among its peers in a saturated market. N2N underwear doesn’t just look good on the brand’s models, though. It looks good on every single model that slips it on. We gathered photos of our top 7 models in N2N so that you could get an idea of just how consistent the brand is with looking, well, amazing. Read more about the brand below, then see our favorite photos after the jump.

Entering the underwear market in 1997, N2N began with a simple collection of 17 items, according to founder and designer Andrew Makay. “All I knew is that I wanted to make sexy stuff… all stuff that I liked,” Makay said. Now, the brand sells over 100 products. “We do a little underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, and now we’re breaking into thermals and winter wear,” continued Makay. For more information on the brand, read a complete interview with Andrew Makay.

Check out our top 7 N2N models below, then let us know which is your favorite in the comments.

7. Pablo Hernandez

Top N2N Models Pablo Hernandez

6. Julian Naderer

Top N2N Models Julian Naderer

5.  Michael RannelliTop N2N Models Michael Rannelli

4. Erasmo Viana

Top N2N Models Erasmo Viana

3. Filip Gustavsson

Top N2N Models Fillip Gustavvson

2. Kaylan Morgan

Top N2N Photos 5

1. William Levy

Top N2N Models William Levy

For more information about this brand: N2N Bodyware

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando, N2N Bodyware, Thomas Synnamon