Boxers or Briefs: Madison, WI with Colby Melvin

Back by popular demand!

We’re happy to announce we’ve brought back the Boxers or Briefs segment and with an exciting twist. Previously, we only did photo based Boxers or Briefs articles, and when it got cold in NYC, where we are based, it was a little hard to ask people to show us their waistbands in 20 degree weather when it was snowing sideways. Then we got tons of emails from our readers asking us to BRING IT BACK! So, back to the drawing board we went and in addition to starting back up with the previous segments once it gets a little warmer in NYC, we’ve partnered with Colby Melvin, our former Model of the Year to do video based Boxers or Brief interviews all over the US.  Colby Melvin, model, activist and self-professed goofball travels the country asking men like you what underwear you’re wearing and why. PS, you’ll never guess who’s behind the camera!

Want Colby to come to your town? Let us know! Post in the comments below where you live and we’ll try to get him there!