Underwear Hitchhiker Finally Makes It Home

After hitting the road on November 14th to raise money for testicular cancer research, the newly famous underwear hitchhiker, or “Gitchhiker” as he calls himself (“Gitch” being Canadian slang for underwear), finally made it home last Wednesday. After twenty-one days traveling throughout Canada in nothing but his skivvies, underwear hitchhiker Mike McIntyre is happy just to be back in full clothing!

The underwear hitchhiker’s journey spanned about 4340 miles, raised about $32,000, and turned about a gazillion heads, we’re sure. While most activists just hold a fundraiser or sell girl scout cookies or something like that, Toronto’s Mike McIntyre figured the best way to raise money would be traveling around Canada in his underwear… naturally!

Jokes aside, however, we here at The Underwear Expert totally love and support the use of underwear in such a noble effort to raise awareness and funds for the cure to testicular cancer. As Spiderman’s uncle or brother or nephew or whatever once said, “With great underwear, comes great responsibility.”

To donate to the underwear hitchhiker’s cause, the Canadian Cancer Society, check out his fundraising page here.

Photo Credit: Mike McIntyre