Santa Skivvies Run Fights AIDS

In case your wondering why a bunch of Christmas underwear-clad men ran across your television screen in the news this weekend, no, Santa’s not recruiting sexy new elves. The fourth annual Santa Skivvies Run brightened up the Castro district in San Francisco this past Sunday; and with a good cause as well.

Men and women alike hit the streets on Sunday in their boxers, briefs and bras, all with hopes of raising money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

“It truly is an only-in-San Francisco kind of event,” said event director Robin Easterbrook of the Santa Skivvies Run in an interview. “It’s an amazing collection of people from all walks of life who gather together to run through the streets of the Castro neighborhood in their skivvies to support a very worthy cause.”

This year, the Santa Skivvies Run even featured a couple blocked off streets after the finish line, which Easterbrook set up to be the runner’s own “Santa Skivvies Run Village.” To top it all off, the village featured a stage to host some drag performers! The runners, who worked to receive sponsors for the event, would ask for donations from friends, family and anyone else they could find all to donate to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

“I love my job,” Easterbrook said of organizing the Santa Skivvies Run. “I mean, I get to see people running around in their underwear! More than anything, it’s just so rewarding to see people coming out in such a bold way to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation. We have the most loyal supporters in the world and I’m always so proud of all of our participants.”

Seeing people run around in their underwear all day? And with moral cause behind it? We’re not sure if there’s anything better out there! Kudos to Easterbrook, the runners and the Santa Skivvies Run!

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