Ryan Gosling Underwear Sightings: Five Lessons

“I don’t really like Ryan Gosling,” said no one, ever. Over the past couple of years, he’s found a place in hearts of just about everyone. He made girls swoon in The Notebook, he got boys excited about cars and toothpicks with Drive and he made everyone laugh with Crazy Stupid Love. He even caught the attention of movie critics in Blue Valentine (that movie you thought was going to be a quirky, romantic comedy, but was totally a dark, depressing drama). He’s a paparazzi darling as well — the actor is frequently spotted buying bagels or walking around the streets of New York. Here at The Underwear Expert, we’re obviously more focused on the Ryan Gosling underwear sightings, which mostly occur in his films. That’s why we put together a list of five Ryan Gosling underwear and swimwear sightings we think everyone can learn from. Now, we’ll be honest, his underwear isn’t visible in all of them, but we can’t ignore all of the we-wish-they-were-underwear sightings, could we? Of course, not. Which of these lessons will prove to be most beneficial to you in 2o13?

5. There are times when a man should not wear white briefs.

Ryan Gosling stripped down to his whitey tighties for All Good Things, a movie starring him and Kristen Dunst that got mixed reviews but was praised for strong performances. In the movie, he takes a boat out on a lake in a pair of white briefs and somehow manages to keep them clean. Guys, you will not be able to do this. If you’re going for an underwear boat ride on a lake, you’re going to want a color that won’t show the dirt and mud. Also, don’t cry in your white briefs, guys. Just.. don’t.

4. Don’t be that guy in he locker room (even if you look like Ryan Gosling).

Crazy Stupid Love had a little something for everybody, including gratuitous displays of Ryan Gosling’s amazing body. In one of the movie’s funnier scenes, Gosling gives Steve Carrel a long peptalk while wearing nothing but his necklace.

3. If your skin is creme colored, don’t wear a pair of creme colored swim shorts.

Even a guy like Ryan Gosling, with his impressive physique and handsome features, can’t pull off this pair of swim shorts. They just make him look pale and pasty. If you’re not naturally darker skinned, try something with a little bit more color or go for a basic like black. You don’t want to blend in with the sand. We wonder what he’s saying to that shell.. “Hey, Girl..” Maybe?

2. Relax a little.

This isn’t even an underwear sighting. It’s just a great photo of an attractive actor.

1. Confidence is key.

The big takeaway from Crazy Stupid Love was “fight for true love.” The other big takeaway was that everyone is attracted to confidence. Whatever underwear your wearing, the most important thing is that it makes you feel confident. That’s the quality that people like most about Ryan Gosling. It doesn’t matter if he’s wearing a weird pair of white briefs or showing off his tan, chiseled body to Emma Stone: he does it with confidence.

Photo credit: Warner Bros Pictures, Magnolia Pictures, Bauer-Griffin