The Most Popular Underwear Brands (on Facebook)

How do you measure popularity? Do you add up sales or the number of stores? Do you take a survey? In an attempt to discover the most popular underwear brands, we have turned to Facebook for some insight. Sure, some brands might choose to forgo social media, but overall Facebook fan count seems to be a pretty good indication of a brand’s standing in popular opinion. Have a look at the top 5 below!

1. Hanes

Most Popular Underwear Brands Hanes

It’s no surprise that Hanes sits at the top of this list. The company has been making underwear for over 100 years. Even if you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t care much about underwear, you probably own a pair of Hanes.

2. Under Armour

Most Popular Underwear Brands Under Armour

Under Armour is an American success story. A 23 year old football player realized that compression shorts were great for wicking sweat so he started making undershirts out of the same material. Today, the brand sponsors scores of athletes including Tom Brady, Michael Phelps (who promotes Under Armour swimwear), and the entire team of the Chicago Cubs.

3. Calvin Klein Underwear

Most Popular Underwear Brands Calvin Klein

Is there are more iconic underwear brand? Calvin Klein Underwear is celebrating its 30th anniversary of being in every self-respecting man’s underwear drawer. Always classy. Always cool. It’s no wonder the Calvin Klein Underwear Facebook page has racked up fans.

4. Andrew Christian

Most Popular Underwear Brands Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian doesn’t just sell underwear. Andrew Christian sells a lifestyle. The brand has developed an enormous following on social media thanks to its careful model selection and development. Andrew Christian models aren’t just attractive, they have personalities that shine on the brand’s Facebook page. The brand’s daily attention to its fans has given Andrew Christian a well deserved following.

5. Jockey

Most Popular Underwear Brands Jockey

Jockey might be an old brand, but the company hasn’t gotten dusty. In the social media world, Jockey is a brand that still has a large presence despite its age. With strong advertising campaigns (including that controversial one with Tim Tebow), Jockey has amassed an impressive group of loyal followers and Facebook fans.

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