10 Most Popular FB Photos of 2012

It’s been an amazing year to be an underwear lover. We’ve seen a lot of great brands step up and bring well-made products to our drawers. We’ve heard celebrities from Mario Lopez to Adam Levine sing the praises of excellent undergarments and we’ve seen the underwear preferences of presidents and royalty. Through all of this excitement, one of the most rewarding experiences for us here at The Underwear Expert was to see our fan base grow, especially on Facebook. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the many thousands of people who are just as passionate about underwear as we are. If you’re not yet a fan on Facebook, you’re missing out! Join our community here for daily model photos, underwear news and exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

To show what a great year it’s been, we put together a list of our 10 most popular Facebook photos of 2012. These photos received the most likes, comments and shares out of the many hundreds we posted all year long. Check them out below, along with our favorite comments for each.

10. Long Underwear as Outerwear 1

Our Facebook community clearly liked this series as much as we did, because photos from this shoot appear twice on our list of the most popular Facebook photos of 2012. Are you going to embrace the long underwear as outerwear trend? Our Facebook fans voiced their opinions.

9. Awkward Underwear Photo

Some people look amazing in anything. These are not those people. We listed off some of our favorite awkward underwear photos and our Facebook community thought that this photo of the band All Time Low was definitely worth a questioning look.

8. Holiday Underwear Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, we posted our official guide to men’s holiday underwear. Perfect for gifts or just for you, these underwear picks made the rounds on social media. Our Facebook community must have needed some shopping ideas, because they were all about this photo.

7. Nick Ayler Carwash Photo

Every day we have a daily package photo that shows off an interesting model in a great pair of underwear. Few of those models, however, were met with as much applaud as Nick Ayler. His carwash setting, white briefs and leather boots made for one of our most popular posts this year.

6. Eric Biovino in Zorba

Sometimes it’s just nice to have simplicity: handsome model – nice pair of underwear – that’s it. Our Facebook community loved this photo of Eric Biovino wearing Zorba boxer briefs and it’s not hard to see why.

5. Andre Ziehe Interview

2(X)IST model Andre Ziehe had a chat with us about his modeling career, the craziest thing he’s ever done and his favorite pair of underwear. We’re not sure if it was his modeling skills or the interview that caught the attention of our fans on Facebook, but either way he caused quite a stir.

4. Go Softwear California Lifestyle

This was the perfect image of summer: a man with a skateboard in a pair of Go Softwear briefs. We asked our Facebook community what they thought, and the consensus was that this was a great pair of underwear.

3. Colby Melvin Blurry Photo

Colby has had an amazing year. His rise to popularity has been exciting to both watch and be a part of. In this exclusive series for The Underwear Expert, Colby Melvin jumps around in front of the camera to create a blurry effect that  captured the attention of our Facebook community.

2. Adam Levine Underwear Photos

After Adam Levine openly professed his love for undergarments, he became the toast of the underwear fan community. As a tribute to the Maroon 5 singer and star of The Voice, we listed our top five favorite Adam Levine underwear moments. This was one of them, and the crowd on Facebook loved it.

1. Long Underwear as Outerwear 2

One of our favorite photos from the Long Underwear as Outerwear shoot quickly became a fan favorite as well. With hundreds of likes and a steady stream of comments, it appears that almost everyone had something to say about the emerging trend.

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Photo Credit: All Time Low, Aydin Arjomand for The Underwear Expert, Adam Levine, Go Softwear, 2(X)ist, Zorba, James Franklin, Richard Gerst