Mario Lopez Married – 5 Reasons She Said “Yes!”

Congratulations to Mario Lopez and long-time girlfriend Courtney Mazza on getting married! The couple tied the knot on December 1st at a beach wedding in Punta Minto, Mexico. Crazy kids. In honor of the man responsible for Rated M and MaLo underwear lines, we give you the top five reasons Courtney Mazza probably said “I do.”

5. This Ring:

Mario is a hard worker who has more than a pretty penny in the bank. He clearly spent some dough on this paper weight of an engagement ring. Look how happy they are.

4. This Character:

Because, come on. Who wouldn’t marry A.C. Slater? Mario Lopez’s Saved by the Bell role landed him a lasting place in the hearts of many.

3. This body:

It’s no surprise that Mario Lopez has kept in shape. The guy has written three books about nutrition and fitness.

2. This job:

Mario Lopez started a new line of underwear this year called “MaLo,” which is both an abbreviation of his name and Spanish for “bad.” Clever.

1. And this job:

Yeah, a lot of celebrities are creating their own underwear brands these days, but Mario Lopez works harder. He’s created two underwear brands. This one, Rated M, is for “manful men and their very special guests.” We’re guessing Courtney Massa is feeling very special right about now.

For more information about these brands: Rated M, MaLo

Photo Credit: Rated M, MaLo, Us Weekly