Jac5 Underwear Amnesty Event

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Sydney-based, Hong Kong-created premium underwear brand Jac5 collaborated with PR firm Lucre Sydney for a survey on men’s underwear habits recently. The results of the survey, which was administered to almost 300 Australian men, were shocking to say the least!

The Jac5 study found the following:

  • 67% of men wear the same pair of undies without washing them.
  • 35% of men go commando if they don’t have any clean undies.
  • 17% turn their undies inside out so they can wear them again.
  • 33% of men wear underwear that’s five years old, or older.
  • 5% never throw out their old underwear.

Fiona Manley, a Jac5 partner, shared her thoughts on the findings of the survey with The Underwear Expert. “All the stats are pretty shocking, but certainly 67% of men wearing the same underwear twice is surprising.” Of the surprising, yet probably accurate stats, Manley did laugh at one finding. “35% going commando is very funny,” she said.

These startling statistics paved the way to an event the brand called Underwear Amnesty. Held in Sydney last month, the Jac5 Underwear Amnesty event invited men to ditch their undies and upgrade to a free pair of Jac5 underwear in temporary tents on the street. That’s right, men were eagerly willing to change in the middle of the street for a pair of fresh underwear. Their old wares must have been in dire shape!

The event was held in the Pitt Street Mall, one of the busiest shopping centers in Sydney some liken to 5th Avenue in New York. The changing men, of course, quickly caught the attention of a massive crowd. The Jac5 Underwear Amnesty event, which coincided with the introduction of Jac5 products in select David Jones Department Stores in Sydney and Melbourne, as you’ll see in the video below was a major hit.

Watch the video and hear about Jac5 from their new celebrity spokesperson James Magnussen, a 2012 Summer Olympics swimmer. Learn more about Jac5’s most recent releases here. Plus! See exclusive photos of the event after the jump!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfktdMjqtX4&w=620&h=350]

Free underwear sounds pretty good, and based on the Jac5 sponsored survey, some of those guys really needed it! Check out stills from the event below!

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