10 Famous Calvin Klein Underwear Ads

Few designers have influenced fashion and culture as powerfully as Calvin Klein. In honor of his 70th birthday last month, we have compiled a gallery of 10 famous Calvin Klein underwear ads that we think represent some of Klein’s greatest successes and most controversial moments.

Calvin Klein was born in 1942 in The Bronx. He found success after launching his own line of jeans. Of course, he has since given his name to underwear, perfume, watches, jewelry and various apparel. He was hailed as the next Yves Saint-Laurent after his first ever showing at New York Fashion Week.

Calvin Klein Underwear, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, has been an enormous part of the brand’s success and world-wide recognition. From appearing in movies like “Back to the Future,” to causing controversy through Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss ads, Calvin Klein underwear is, perhaps, the most iconic underwear brand.

Check out the gallery of famous Calvin Klein underwear ads below! We have selections from every era of the brand, showing how Calvin Klein has continuously pushed the envelope since the beginning. Often there to spark controversy and always worth a second glance, these famous Calvin Klein underwear ads have certainly stood the test of time.

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Photo Credit: Calvin Klein