Colby Melvin Loves Ruiz’s Pretty Masculine App

Mike Ruiz’s Pretty Masculine app hit the iTunes store this week, and subsequently, the world. The Pretty Masculine app, which we’ve had an eye on since its developing stages, is designed to bring Mike Ruiz’s Pretty Masculine project to the world. Aiming to reexamine what mainstream culture considers “masculine” as opposed to “pretty,” the iPad app lets users check out a huge collection of Ruiz’s work, as well as manipulate their own pictures (example below!).

Mike Ruiz outdoes himself with the work put into this app: his photo work is jaw-droppingly impressive (one photo features a man with a completely painted on business suit), and the photo manipulation part of the app is just too cool. We here at The Underwear Expert checked out the app first-hand in the office, and boy did we have fun! The app lets you take pictures with your iPad, and then add tattoos, luscious lips, sunglasses, background effects, flowers, body paint and even more options which we can’t wait to continue to explore.

But don’t just take our word for it; Colby Melvin first mentioned the Pretty Masculine app to our editors, so we reached out to him to ask him a few questions about the app:

The Underwear Expert: So what do you like so much about the Pretty Masculine app?
Colby Melvin: I think this app represents a big movement in the modeling world as social media is becoming a huge part of the modeling/marketing world. People love feeling like they are somehow connected and part of this fantasy world. It’s partially why I have been so successful in my work. I invite people to “experience” my modeling journey with me and in a way that’s exactly what Mike has done. In addition to it being a collection of amazing photography, Pretty Masculine allows its user to feel like an active participant and even engage their own creativity.
UE: Will you use the app frequently?
Colby Melvin: If I had an iPad! Maybe for Christmas?
UESo are you a fan of Mike Ruiz then?
Colby Melvin: I’m a huge fan of Mike’s! In addition to being one of the most talented working photographers at the moment, he is also a huge activist.  He is always out supporting organizations and causes related to the community, namely the Ali Forney center in NYC. Mike is definitely on my short list of photographers I would love to work with.
Make sure to check out the Pretty Masculine app in the iTunes store, and let us know what you think!
Photo Credit: Mike Ruiz