Colby Melvin Calendar Rocks 2013

As Christmas and the new year approach, millions of people are brainstorming up gift ideas and things they think they’ll need for the upcoming year, things like cars, books, the new iPhone and underwear (of course), but what about a nice new Colby Melvin calendar? If you ask us, this Colby Melvin calendar looks like the perfect way to stay on track during 2013!

Featuring fourteen awesome and some never before seen photos by photographer Patrick Mark, the Colby Melvin calendar makes a perfect gift for the men’s underwear lover. Colby, who was just featured in a New York City photoshoot produced exclusively for The Underwear Expert, looks amazing for every month of the Colby Melvin calendar. The calendar utilizes two page spreads to make sure you’re getting as much Colby as possible, and it looks so good we bet you won’t have the heart to even mark off the days…

The Colby Melvin calendar only costs eighteen dollars, and it will obviously be the best eighteen dollars you’ll ever spend. And if it doesn’t already seem like the underwear gods are granting your every desire, get this: the print Colby Melvin calendar comes with a free digital copy. One more time everyone: free digital copy. You can even access it for use on an iPad.

Has your copy shipped yet, or what?

For more information on the Colby Melvin calendar, check out the online store here, and then come back to read up some more on Colby Melvin!

Photo Credit: Patrick Mark


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