Behind the Scenes: Colbrandon Cooks

Colbrandon, AKA Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown, are showing us a thing or two about cooking. As an exclusive cooking series for The Underwear Expert, the Andrew Christian models are going all out in true Julia Child form (if Julia Child had been unbearably handsome and was wearing briefs).

We’re obviously excited about the mouth-watering feast, so we thought we’d bring our readers in on some of the fun. These are behind the scenes shots from the “Colbrandon Cooks” shoot. They’re making a date night dish, a New Year’s Eve cocktail and a special holiday entree that’s both impressive and easy to do at home. Catch of glimpse of them here and check back soon to see what Colby and Brandon have whipped up.

Colbrandon Cooking 1

Colbrandon Cooking 2

Colbrandon Cooking 3Colbrandon Cooking 4

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