Calvin Klein Underwear Bold X-Ray Micro Trunk

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Calvin Klein Underwear Bold XRay Micro Trunk U8136

The Underwear Expert Opinion: The Calvin Klein Underwear Bold X-Ray Micro Trunk is simply bad to the bone with it’s super cool skull graphics. This trunk’s lightweight and ultra-stretchy fabric feels great and provides a form-complementing fit. This trunk’s bold purple looks amazing and is totally sexy. The X-ray graphics give a very masculine and modern sense of style. And with its lightweight and sexy feel, what’s not to like about Calvin Klein Underwear’s Bold X-Ray Micro trunk?

The Design: The “skull velvet” color of the Calvin Klein Underwear Bold X-Ray Micro Trunk rocks stylish skull graphics in a striking shade of dark purple. The color of the trunk looks amazing, and the X-ray skull graphics couldn’t be cooler. The waistband adds wonderfully to the look with its off-centered Calvin Klein logo printed over the shining purple elastic. From the beautiful color of the skull graphics, up to the purple shine of the waistband, the trunk just looks sexy and cool, while keeping a certain sense of masculinity that any man could love.

The Fit: The fit of the Calvin Klein Underwear Bold X-Ray Micro Trunk, without a doubt, feels as good as it looks. The lightweight fabric feels amazing, and fits with form-complimenting style you’ll want to brag about. The no-fly contour pouch adds to the fit and look as well, as the trunk provides support and shows off everything you want it to. Even the waistband follows suit as it leaves plenty of room to stretch, and doesn’t cause any pesky love handles to worry about. This trunk feels great all around, and is perfect for a fun night out, or for the events of any day.

The Basics:
STYLE: Trunk
BOTTOMS: Trunk, Mid-Trunk
COLORS: Skull Velvet, Skull Black
FUNCTION: Going Out, Everyday
FIT: True to Size
FABRIC: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

The Man
WAIST: 32”
WORN: Medium, Calvin Klein Underwear’s Bold X-Ray Micro Trunk, Skull Velvet

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