5 Reasons Boxing Day is Best in Underwear

Boxing Day in Your Underwear 3December 26th, the day after Christmas, is known in many parts of the world as Boxing Day. The day takes many other names including St. Stephen’s Day, The Day of Goodwill and The Day of the Wren, too. It’s also the first day of Kwanzaa! No matter what you call today, we’re here to remind you of the top five reasons to spend Boxing Day in your underwear.

5. You don’t want to be tempted to go anywhere.

Let’s face it, as great as the holidays are, they get tiring. Maybe you’re a little sick of extended family, or maybe you’re a little tired of driving around in the cold. Either way, today is a great chance to take a break. If you scheduled something for today, then cancel it. Take today off from work and family and enjoy the holidays the way they were meant to be enjoyed: a mug of something hot by the fire with people you actually want to be around.

4. You want to try out your new underwear.

Hopefully your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or kids know you well enough that they bought you some brand new underwear. You want to try that great new pair out! Why hide it in a pair of jeans when you can waltz around the house all day in the newest addition to your underwear drawer?

3. You’re tired of getting dressed up.

You don’t want to have to wear that weird sweater from Grandma anymore. You don’t want to look your best for a group of people you see twice a year. You want to hang out in your underwear and eat leftovers.

2. Re-Runs are awesome.

The holidays notoriously lack new programming on television. What they don’t lack, however, are re-runs of your guilty shows and movies from past and present. Melrose Place? Check. Elf? Check. Grab your best holiday underwear, slide into your nook on the couch, and let the annoying familial voices in your head relax to the theme song from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

1. Your friends are all doing the same thing.

Later tonight, maybe you’ll meet your friends for a few drinks. Maybe you’ll go see a movie. Whatever you do, we promise that anyone else who was lucky enough to spend the day at home definitely spent the day in his underwear. Boxing Day in your underwear might just be the best day of the year.


Photo credit: Paul Cram, Ohganix