Bodyaware Bodysuits Present New Styles for Men

Bodyaware Bodysuit Black IMAGE

With the release of its new range of bodysuits, Bodyaware provides a modern-day upgrade to these traditional one-piece, form-fitting garments that cover the torso and crotch. Typically, bodysuits for men serve two different purposes: everyday wear or fetish-inspired fashion. Currently available, the new Bodyaware bodysuits balance both form and function by providing an ideal shape for practical purposes and a sexy, masculine look.

Bodyaware Bodysuit Black

“Many of the bodysuits on the market today bring to mind Borat, or the type of bodysuit that a bodybuilder would wear during competition,” Kristina Bonfield, president of Bodyaware, told The Underwear Expert. “But our designs are made to fit men comfortably without looking silly as well as adding a bit of versatility to their wardrobe.”

Bodyaware’s new bodysuits are designed with three different fabric offerings. The durable choices include a sensitive tactel fabric from Italy, a micromesh combined with polyamide from France or a soft rayon, also from Italy. Another design in this new range is the Triple Threat bodysuit, which combines three sleek fabrics: tactel, polyamide and glistenette.

These imported fabrics all provide a variety of functional benefits. A four-way stretch relieves pulling around the crotch area and accentuates the shoulders and chest while trimming the tummy and hip. The new Bodyware bodysuits are specially woven to wick away moisture from the body as well.

“Our designs are cut and contoured to bring out the best in a man,” said Bonfield. “Bodysuit wearers range from builders to bankers and even a few politicians. Additionally, we know that it’s important to have enough stretch in the fabric so the boys below don’t get uncomfortable. Our fabrics take that into account.”

In addition to maintaining a high level of comfort, the new Bodyaware bodysuits offer a sensual design and neutral color palette making it easy to blend underneath everyday clothing. The brand does, however, offer one style specifically suited for the great outdoors. “Our camouflage bodysuit was inspired by a couple of our customers who are hunters and wanted something that was easy to wear, warm and easily blended into the hunting environment,” said Bonfield.

Bodysuits can either be hand washed or machine-washed on gentle cycle; Bodyaware recommends tumble drying on low or hang drying. The new Bodyaware bodysuits are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from S-XXXL. Prices range from $19.95 to $49.95.

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 Bodyaware Bodysuit Camouflage body

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