5 Most Awkward Christmas Underwear Photos

Let’s face it, the holidays can get a little weird at times. There are rude comments made over the dinner table, the jerk who buys you exercise equipment as a gift and the overabundance of ugly sweaters. Worst of all, there’s just some really awkward Christmas underwear going around.

We here at The Underwear Expert love to see the powers of underwear used for good, but sometimes there’s just no escaping its evils. All we can really do now is poke fun at the 5 most awkward Christmas underwear photos we’ve found this holiday season.

Check out the pictures below!

5. The Awkward Santa Borat Thong


4. Rudolph Gets Abused Underwear

3. The Holy Christmas Tree / Bush Boxer Brief


2. Child Abuse Christmas Diapers


1. The Family Who Plays Together Stays Together Tropical Christmas Underwear

Photo Credit: WRNS, UndiesAndOvers, ArnoldzWicky