Jac5’s Barking Mad Bone Boxer

Jac5 Barking Mad Bone Shorts MultiColor

Jac5 Barking Mad Bone Print MultiColorThe Underwear Expert Opinion: Sometimes you just need to feel stylish and cool from the inside out, and Jac5’s Barking Mad Bone boxer can certainly help. The boxer’s puzzle piece graphic design is super hip, and for men who like to show off a little undergarment, there’s nothing more striking to show. Whether you’re a brief or boxer guy, you’re sure to be impressed by Jac5’s rock-star quality.

The Design: With the words “Barking Mad” glowing on the waistband, you can be sure Jac5’s Barking Mad Bone boxer is just bad to the bone. This boxer’s style doesn’t stop at the waistband though. Jac5’s puzzle piece design looks amazing in a multicolor pattern and would absolutely catch the eye of anyone lucky enough to see you in them. Don’t be surprised when you’re pulling the waistband out from underneath your pants just to show them off!

The Fit: It is ironic that Jac5’s Barking Mad Bone boxer features a completed puzzle design because nothing feels more like the missing puzzle piece than this absolutely cool and great fitting boxer short. The waistband fits nicely around the hips without hugging too tightly, and the two-button fly is great for easy access without too much hassle. Jac5’s mid-length boxer is ideal for a fun night out, but there’s no reason you can’t feel cool and show some style every day, even when hanging out at home.

The Basics:

STYLE: Boxer Shorts
RISE: Mid-Thigh Length
TOPS: T-Shirt
BOTTOMS: Boxers, Brief, Trunk, Half-Trunk
COLORS: Multicolor
FUNCTION: Everyday, Hanging Out, Going Out
FIT: True to Size
FABRIC: 100% Cotton

The Man

WAIST: 32”
WORN: Medium, Jac5’s Barking Mad Bone Boxer, Multicolor

For more information on this brand: Jac5