Bodyaware Re-Introduces Silk Underwear

With the November release of its new Exquisite Silk collection, Bodyaware retraces its humble beginnings. The company, which got its start over 20 years ago by providing a colorful range of silk underwear for men, is now offering a collection of electric colors that include midnight black, cherry red, snow white and azure blue.Bodyaware Silk Underwear Bikini Pink

“These bright colors enhance the quality of silk, especially with blues and pinks, and provide a lustrous shine as well,” Kristina Bonfield, president of Bodyaware, told The Underwear Expert.

Aside from offering a luxurious shine, silk underwear offers a smooth, comfortable feel. The Exquisite Silk range is made from 95% silk satin and 5% lycra and includes an interior double layer of silk that softly caresses the body. “The silk strands are so fine. You just don’t get same richness from synthetic fabrics,” Bonfield said. Additionally, flat seams on the inside of the garment prevent pinching, scrunching, squeezing and rubbing against the skin for an exquisite fit.

Unlike some silk underwear brands, Bodyaware maintains a high standard for comfort and design while knowing what men want in terms of the feel and fit of their undies. “Our silk designs have personality,” affirms Bonfield. “There aren’t many silk designs for men’s underwear.” In addition to the softness of silk, the Exquisite Silk collection offers supportive contour pouches. “Perfectly shaped pouches are finished and pBodyaware Silk Underwear Brief Blackolished to hold men comfortably and without constriction,” said Bonfield.

Bonfield and her husband, David Bonfield, created Bodyaware after testing out different pairs of silk underwear during their honeymoon in China. The couple noticed that silk underwear kept them warm during a brutal winter season and was easy to wash while traveling. “We absolutely love this fabric,” said Bonfield. “Some people think it’s so difficult to maintain but it holds up well and maintains its color.”

The recommended cleaning method of silk underwear is a hand wash and line dry, but, Bodyaware’s Exquisite Silk collection is machine washable, too (only on gentle cycle), so just about anyone with domestic prowess or not can care for their offerings. “It is incredibly durable–silk underwear should last 20-25 years if taken care of properly,” said Bonfield. “It’s an all-around great fabric.”

Currently available, the Exquisite Silk range includes sculpting briefs, body boxers, G-strings and briefs and is priced between $17.50-$24.95

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