Jack Adams Underwear on Dylan Austin Scott

Dylan Austin in Jack Adams shot by James Franklin Feature

Photographer James Franklin and Jack Adams have something in common: an appreciation of physically impressive men. The collaboration between the Jack Adams underwear brand and the Hollywood based photographer makes a lot of sense and their fruitful relationship has produced a collection of photos centered on the bulked-up Dylan Austin Scott. Check them out below!

Franklin likes to keep things simple so that the photos are timeless studies of the male form. There are no bright lights or flashy distractions here to call attention away from Scott’s Jack Adams. Jack Adams underwear generally looks good on guys with heroic proportion: note how Dylan Austin Scott isn’t just exploding out of his underwear, but seems to be bursting out of his skin with power and mass? That’s what we mean.

The Dylan Austin Scott photos are part of a Jack Adams underwear campaign to promote the company’s fall products such as the Gridiron Trunk and the Army Fly Jock Brief. Coming from a brand known for an unflinching embrace of the power of the jock, Jack Adams underwear’s jock brief was featured as one of our picks for our Favorite Jock Briefs. What’s a Jock Brief? We have the origin story in our exclusive report on the up and coming trend in Exclusive: The Origin of the Jock Brief.

For more information about this brand: Jack Adams underwear

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