Name: Ben

Age: 22

Occupation: Actor

Residence: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Spotted: Bedford Avenue & North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Relationship Status: Single

Self Proclaimed Style: ”Casual. I try to be a little trendy and hipster, but I generally keep it simple.”

Wearing: Hanes boxer briefs

Favorite Style Underwear: “These. I’m not a fan of anything too tight, really.”

Favorite Brand: “Hanes, I guess. Any of the basic brands, really.”

What You Wouldn’t Know by Looking at Him: “I have a southern accent and I’m from the South.”

For more information about this brand: Hanes


3 thoughts on “BRIEF DEBRIEF: Ben

  1. joe says:

    i’d call it simple, not boring. could have helped him out and left that last picture off though…