Ask the Expert: My Cup Runneth Over

Anton from Missouri: I need underwear that doesn’t squish my junk. I’m fine for the first hour or so, but as the day goes on, it just gets all kinds of uncomfortable down there. My waist is a 30, my ass is big enough but not huge and I generally buy extra small or small underwear. My package is perhaps larger than most.. Anyways, I’m normally a briefs guy, but I gave boxers a go, thinking the loose fit would be just what I needed and they weren’t supportive enough at all. Help!

Expert: Ah, the classic example of being “too big for your britches!” You find a pair that looks like a million bucks, but soon find out they don’t feel or fit all that great. Not fun. Fortunately for you, more and more brands are widening their design scope to focus on comfort (especially for guys who struggle with large packages.) First, though, check that you’re wearing the right size of underwear. While they may fit fine around the waist, there are other factors to be aware of, such as extra (or not enough) room in the front and back. You’d be amazed at the number of guys who find instant relief from squishing issues by just going up a size.

If you’re confident the size is right, however, your best bet is to try a contour pouch. Ranging from basic to scientifically engineered, the contour pouch is a common design in men’s underwear nowadays. Note: if the briefs you’re currently sporting have a front fly, they do not have a contour pouch.
 As the name suggests, the basic contour pouch has a little extra room in the front to create a space for your package, and is contoured with a center seam to provide support and, in many cases, a slightly boosted profile. Many of the top brands feature styles with the basic contour pouch, such as the sports-inspired Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Reflex Hip Brief or the incredibly soft 2xist Touch Trunk.

You should also check out C-IN2’s Personal Fit Factor Collection which provides the closest thing to a custom fit. Your issue with the squish no doubt puts you in the category of “shower” (as opposed to “grower,”) and the aptly named C-IN2 Personal Fit Factor Shower Brief features a contour pouch with inverted pleats on either side that adjust to your size, giving you the perfect amount of room and support.

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief is made with an extra roomy pouch that provides plenty of space for your boys to hang free, too, and a specially placed seam creates just enough support to prevent you from bouncing all over the place. This underwear is made of a lightweight, breathable modal fabric that feels like it’s barely there, giving you the effect that you’re literally almost naked.

If you still can’t seem to find the fit you need, get yourself a trunk. Trunks are cut a little longer than a brief but still give you that same sleek, sexy fit and because they extend further down the leg, the pouch tends to have less of a lifting effect, allowing for some extra room. Try the Diesel Fresh & Bright Trunk which comes in a huge spectrum of colors that will highlight your cup that runneth over.­­­­

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