Athletic Jockstraps For Everyday Wear

The jockstrap is the most workout-specific cut of men’s underwear there is. It’s engineered for guys to wear when they’re exercising, and so some brands don’t even make jockstraps under the logic that since their use is so specific, the market will be too small.

Recent sales trends show that that’s not true, and that some men are starting to wear jockstraps all day long, not just at the gym. It seems that if there is a quality product, guys will respond positively to it. At least, that’s the experience that the Jack Adams brand has had.

“Men are definitely feeling more comfortable buying jockstraps,” Julian Hobson, who handles business development at Jack Adams told The Underwear Expert. “We started coming out with a few jockstraps as part of our lineup and sales started to climb. So we decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and we dedicated ourselves to the cut with the Bodyflex Mesh Jockstrap.”

“We already had sort of defined ourselves by the design of our pouch as being the brand that people come to because they know it’s going to be comfortable. We make something really functional — a jockstrap that could be worn underneath a suit to work because it’s comfortable. A guy could go to the gym after if they want, but with us it’s no longer purely about designing for the gym,” Hobson said.

A jockstrap delivers multiple benefits to its wearer: it doesn’t cover the legs at all, often provides a highly-engineered pouch, and allows for multidirectional access and mobility.

Other brands are beginning to get in on the act, too. C-In2’s new Grip line has a jockstrap that is both highly athletic and comfortable enough to imagine wearing to the office. And 2(x)ist recently added a jockstrap to their (X)treme collection.

The growing popularity of  jockstraps blending the line between fashion and athletics means that more and more men are wearing the stylish and comfortable underwear daily and not just to the gym, giving new meaning to the term “desk jockey.”

Stay tuned for more jock strap news soon from The Underwear Expert.

Pictured: Jack Adams BodyFlex Mesh Jockstrap