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Pavel Petel

Who is this mysterious model with big muscles and dark eyes? It’s Pavel Petel, the internet sensation from Russia who is also a DJ, a model and an all around wild guy. Many Pavel Petel images have surfaced and we’ve collected some of the best of them here at The Underwear Expert. We have shots of him bowling, images of him buying fir caps and a photo of him holding a golden pistol (not a euphemism).

The many photos of Pavel Petel online mostly come from his Tumblr page. The images have caused some controversy, some confusion and some praise. They include Pavel Petel on a horse with an assault rifle, Pavel running in what appears to be a Pamela Anderson wig, Pavel rollerskating with pink pigtails and a shopping cart in a parking lot and Pavel posing in front of a children’s swimming pool in a leather girdle.

Pavel Petel is not a man who afraid of showing it all, and several of his photos are definitely not safe for work. Don’t let his semi-regular nudity disuade you from exploring the depths of Pavel Petel’s ouvrage. With photos this bizzarre and occasionally inexplicable, there’s got to be something here for everyone, right?

What makes Pavel Petel interesting to The Underwear Expert is his taste in underwear, which often includes Timoteo briefs. If you’re an underwear fan, we can be a fan of you. If for no other reason, that gives Pavel Petel our coveted seal of approval.