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More About TFabiano

Produced in Rio de Janeiro using top quality materials, TFabiano offer a sexy fit in swimwear for men inspired by Brazilian swimwear fashion. The brand targets men in need of high quality swimwear and irresistible comfort. TFabiano commits to offering innovative options for its consumers. By bringing daring color combinations and blending neoprene and spandex fabrics, the brand gives customers many choices to choose from so that every man will find his fit.

Originating nowhere else but from Rio de Janeiro, TFabiano Beachwear draws inspiration from its rich Brazilian culture. Prints featuring the Brazilian flag and sexy cuts unique to Brazil are examples of influences on TFabiano’s swimwear line. Swimsuits are available in Olympic cut, Bikini cut, Brazilian army cut and square cut. The brand also offers a line of swim shorts, if you prefer them. The Brazilian Army Cut has gained international popularity for its distinct feel and appealing design, according to the brand.

TFabiano Beachwear is made from the highest quality swimsuit fabrics available. In order to achieve higher comfort, cotton and spandex blends are used to ensure softness. TFabiano releases new products biannually claiming “it’s always Summer somewhere!”

Established in 1999, TFabiano is currently headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida. Designs range the full spectrum from solid colors, to fun prints and beyond. A wide array of cuts gives men a real choice in ideal swimsuits. The brand also nicely accentuates the male body and anatomy. Asides from swimwear, TFabiano Beachwear offers accessories such as necklaces, and even prints of Brazil inspired artworks.