Monthly Thrill-Seeking/Risqué Roundup: August ​​2015

Summer can truly bring out the thrill-seeker in all of us. So, it was no surprise when August brought out some of the most risqué, thrill-seeking underwear we’ve seen all year. The Monthly Thrill-Seeking/Risqué Roundup featured leather, lace, mesh, and even a harness. The month of August gave plenty to play with for all of […]

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Jack Adams And Jockstraps

Jack Adams USA is featuring 2 new, exciting and sexy jockstraps. Each of these Jack Adams jockstraps has its own personality but ultimately stays true to the classic aesthetic. The Team Jockstrap ($23.50) gives you that extra edge to take your workout to the next level, incorporating the athletic aesthetic of a classic jockstrap design, but updated with a […]

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More About Jack Adams

Jack Adams designs, manufactures and distributes innovative and edgy underwear for the masculine, sexually self-assured man who wears confidence on his sleeve. Founded in December 2010, Jack Adams provides collections for the active man who is on the go, works out and wants to feel good with his underwear.

Owned by Ron Miller, managing partner of Jack Adams, the brand offers products that attempt to “define those who wear it,” according to the brand. This mind-set is coupled with fashion-forward designs and fits that accentuate comfort.

Jack Adams offers a few different styles such as trunks but jockstraps remains the center of their business. While the jockstrap is the most workout-specific cut of men’s underwear, Jack Adams offers a line of jocks that are equally stylish and functional. Jack Adams focuses on three areas of expertise: comfort, functionality and quality. The brand uses a range of cotton and microfiber blends to offer a sturdy, durable jockstrap that is also comfortable and soft.

“Men want to wear our underwear because it’s constructed well, feels and fits great and works for their entire lifestyle,” said Miller. “Jockstraps have become incredibly popular. Our emphasis on new jockstrap designs reflects this new demand.”

Based in Van Nuys, CA, Jack Adams prides itself for offering the first jockstrap with a fly. Jack Adams Underwear also includes an assortment of jock briefs. The brand releases new styles and color updates periodically throughout the year.

In addition to jockstraps,Jack Adams introduced a line of men’s active wear in Fall 2012.