Move to the N2N Studio Groove

Is it getting a little hot in here, or is it just that Saturday Night Fever? Play that funky music and move to the grove in the new Studio Groove arrivals from N2N! The N2N Studio Groove collection combines groovy prints with N2N’s sexy underwear design for a kaleidoscopic wonder. The patterned prints catch eyes from […]

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24 Hours in Wood

We all know that a great pair of underwear can take you pretty far, but a single pair isn’t sufficient for an entire day of living life at full tilt. For fans of Wood and for those for whom this serves as an introduction to the brand, 24 Hours in Wood describes how to utilize your […]

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American Underwear Brands

Want to wear underwear that makes you feel like an American patriot? Then we recommend buying all your unmentionables from American Underwear brands. No, that doesn’t mean buying underwear that is only red, white, and blue, but actually buying your underwear from the brands manufactured in the United States of America. Here’s a guide to buying from American underwear brands:

You have two options when it comes to American Underwear brands, with two different levels of patriotism. You can buy from American underwear brands or you can buy from brands that have their underwear made exclusively in the states. Buying from American underwear brands that do all their manufacturing here in the 50 states is quite an admirable act, but there’s no shame in buying from brands that have their roots here as well.

Although it would be great to buy all American underwear all of the time, it would leave us underwear fanatics with a very limited selection. It’s sad to say that not very many American underwear brands manufacture their boxers and briefs here in the states. Here are a few brands that we are aware of that have made the effort and converted over to the American way of life: American Apparel, Baskit, and Flint and Tinder USA. If those American underwear brands are not enough diversity for your top drawer, then you can chose to fill it with brands that at least got their start here in the states. American underwear brands include: 2XIST, C-IN2, Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, and Jockey.