Try’st As You Might To Not Fall In Love With The Gregg Homme Tryst Series

Try’st to resist the Gregg Homme Tryst Series! With a healthy mixture of black sheer mesh and leopard print velour, how could you go wrong? These sexy styles will have your significant other eating out of the palm of your hand. The black sheer mesh will show off a little bit of skin while still […]

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Men’s Thongs

Men’s thongs are some of the most adventurous types of men’s underwear. Though not as revealing as the g-string, a member of the thong family, men’s thongs are definitely close. Typically worn as underwear or swimwear in most regions, you’ll also see men’s thongs worn by sumo wrestlers and adventurous types.

The cut of the male thong is similar in appearance–in the front–as the bikini and the g-string. The back is generally a small piece of fabric. This thin piece of fabric runs between the cheeks of the butt; the rear piece of fabric in men’s thongs is connected to both the underside of the package and the waistband, which more often than not is a string as well and elastic. The butt is completely uncovered.

Male thongs are available in a huge variety of fabrics including mesh, leather and lace. They’re available in multiple colors and styles as well including varying thickness. If men’s thongs are too risquè or simply don’t provide you the support you need, you can try the bikini, which is similar but offers slightly more coverage.