Tani SilkCut Collection

A leader in men’s underwear, Tani brings us another instant classic in the form of an update on its SilkCut collection. With a mission to set a new standard in mens luxury underwear, Tani aims for the highest quality with no fuss design. Just a clean, sophisticated look with no hidden agenda. Tani uses a luxuriously soft and […]

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Junk Underjeans Junk X Collection

Junk Underjeans fall arrivals from their Junk X collection, expertly crafted to meet the needs required by men who need a little ‘X-tra’ room in their pouch, aptly named the Smolder, Smoke and Burn, reveal a sexy design for their fall collection. Dedicated to the idea that they are the ultimate destination for men looking for underwear with great […]

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CheapUndies Fall Color Palette

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with different autumnal colors, like the burgundy wine you sip during Thanksgiving or the orange of the sweet potatoes you munch on at the same time. CheapUndies delivers a fall color palette worthy of our favorite holiday to indulge.   The Yellow Primary Comfort Tank ($8.99) is a slim fitting sleeveless […]

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Men’s Briefs

Most guys own a pair of men’s briefs, and for good reason. Men’s briefs are the most trusted and popular style of men’s underwear and come in a variety of different rises, designs and variations. They cover your entire backside and package, but leave the upper thigh and side of the leg exposed making them comfortable to wear under just about anything. Men’s briefs are perfect for guys who need support and prefer to keep everything in one place but don’t care for the excess fabric found in boxer briefs, boxers or trunks.

Originally sold in 1935 by Coopers, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois as an alternative to the backless jockstrap, men’s briefs quickly became popular for their simplicity and comfort. Today, there are more styles of basic briefs than ever before: bulge enhancing, butt enhancing, low, mid and high-rise, moisture wicking, etc. Men’s briefs are also available in an endless array of colors, fabrics, styles and unique designs.

As the most popular style of underwear for men, men’s briefs benefit from a huge selection of pouches. Due to the cut of the brief, the pouch in the style is more pronounced than in a boxer short, boxer brief, or trunk even. A contour pouch is the most common among men’s briefs, but hang-free and profile enhancing pouches are common as well. You’ll see these pouches in other styles of men’s underwear, but the effects of a specialized pouch will be most noticeable in men’s briefs.

Men’s briefs aren’t simply the tighty whiteys you grew up with, but an ever-evolving fashion industry staple.