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Get Inspired To Show Yours With A Celebrity #WaistbandWednesday

We’re celebrating Calvin Klein’s new initiative, “show yours. #mycalvins,” with a look back on some of our best celebrity #WaistbandWednesdays right here.

Get The Look: Justin Bieber’s White Boxers

This week we’re remembering Justin Bieber’s finer days with a Get The Look: Justin Bieber’s White Boxers. We’ve put together five looks — check it out.

Justin Bieber Shirtless Sighting in SoHo

Pop sensation and Pied Piper of sagging pants in Calvin Klein Underwear, Justin Bieber turned up shirtless in SoHo this week, wearing his classic uniform.

Garçon Model and Justin Bieber: A Match Made In Canada!

Canadian up-and-comers Garcon Model have a mission beyond making ultra sexy and impeccable underwear; the brand is on the hunt for Justin Bieber pairing.

Who Wore It Better: Travis Pastrana vs Bieber

In this Who Wore It Better, Travis Pastrana and Justin Bieber face off in their Ethika Underwear. Who Wore It Better? Vote for your favorite to let us know!

Justin Bieber Underwear Auction Benefits Charity

Start your bidding, folks! A Justin Bieber underwear auction is on now to benefit a charity founded by Hélène Campbell, a special guest on Ellen who received a double lung transplant.

by Jakey May
April 25, 2013
Justin Bieber, News, Style

James Van Der Beek Boxer Briefs Sighting and More Celeb Undies

This week in Celebrity Underwear SIghtings, we spotted a photo of James Van Der Beek in boxer briefs. We also caught Justin Bieber and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

by Jakey May
March 1, 2013
Entertainment, Justin Bieber

Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber! The young prince of pop is turning 19 on the first of March and we baked him a special underwear shaped cake to celebrate!

by Jakey May
February 28, 2013
Justin Bieber, News, Style

Justin Bieber Clothes Sighting?

The Biebes hosted Saturday Night Live and gave us a great Justin Bieber clothes sighting? We hypothesize why Bieber didn’t drop trou on SNL last weekend.

by Jakey May
February 11, 2013
Entertainment, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Struts Around in Boxer Briefs

Another Justin Bieber clothes-less sighting has surfaced. The pop star was photographed on Monday at his Miami hide-out wearing only black boxer briefs.

by Jakey May
January 29, 2013
Justin Bieber, News, Style

Justin Bieber Should Stop Mooning People

We love Justin Bieber underwear sightings as much as the next briefs-loving guy, but the singer needs to stop trying to moon the camera and his many fans.

by Jakey May
January 22, 2013
Entertainment, Justin Bieber

Top 5 Justin Bieber Underwear Sightings

It’s here: the top 5 Justin Bieber underwear sightings of all time. We compiled a list of our favorite pics of the star dropping trou for his ecstatic fans.

by Jakey May
November 28, 2012
Entertainment, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Wearing Boxer Briefs

Underwear lovers found more to love in the pop singer with a new picture of Justin Bieber wearing boxer briefs, which he posted on Twitter this Saturday.

Justin Bieber Underwear Pic!

Justin Bieber underwear sighting! The performer tweets a picture of himself in white Calvin Klein Underwear during a rehearsal in Washington D.C.

by Danny Schmittler
November 8, 2012
Entertainment, Justin Bieber

Bieber Shows Briefs

Fans of the teen star were treated to a generous flash of underwear.

Justin Bieber Underwear Sightings

Anyone who follows celebrity underwear sightings closely knows that there are few stars more willing to strip down than Justin Bieber. You don’t have to spend hours searching for the many photos of Justin Bieber underwear. The Underwear Expert is your ultimate source for Justin Bieber underwear sightings. Whether he’s posting photos to his Instagram, tweeting them to his followers or just dropping trou on stage, we’re here to help you make sense of it all. To start, be sure to see our list of the Top Five Justin Bieber Underwear Sightings.

The prince of pop has even been known to moon his Instagram fans, a move we felt was significantly less classy than just showing off his underwear. Some fans have even grown tired of Justin Bieber underwear sightings in general. Do we need a new Justin Bieber underwear sighting at every concert and public event? Does he need to tweet every time he takes off his pants? Should you really be able to make a collage of Justin Bieber underwear sightings that could walpaper your room? There are those who believe that they’ve seen enough Justin Bieber underwear to keep them content for a lifetime.

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s hard to imagine that Justin will slow down any time soon. He’s likely to keep showing us his briefs, boxer briefs and trunks until the day he finally decides to try a belt. Who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll even have a Justin Bieber underwear brand. Watch out, David Beckham. Make sure to keep an eye on The Underwear Expert for more Justin Bieber underwear sightings.