Editor’s Pick: papi

Editor’s Pick: Viva papi Heritage Clasico Trunk – Navy

Why We Love It: In terms of appearance, this pair of papi underwear has two strong things going for it: it’s athletic and it’s classic. The navy trunk has red and white accents that give it a timeless appeal, and one that brings baseball images to mind. The accents also help to give the trunk more definition – the red and white touches are used for contrasting seams that bring added definition and style to the look’s pouch. And while the underwear is still a go-to pair for everyday-wear, we still can’t help but find those contrasting touches a little sexy. Who doesn’t want to feel a little sexy every day?

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: papi is an underwear brand any man can get onboard with, no matter his personal taste in underwear or his preference for coverage. The brand’s basic and fashion collections are all stylish to a certain degree, and most include a multitude of underwear styles. The brand offers jockstraps and thongs as well as boxer briefs and their popular Brazilian trunks. But the reason we love the new Viva papi Heritage Clasico Trunk is because, like the brand at large, it has something for everyone.

Our Editor’s Pick: papi was chosen because its classic and athletic attitude is something every guy should have in his arsenal of underwear. Gay or straight, it’s always a fun idea to play up the sporty side of your personal style, no matter how fashion-forward you may be. The Viva papi Heritage Clasico Trunk is one such attractive and masculine choice for casual underwear. This is largely because Clasico pairs from the new Viva papi Heritage Collection are different from any other papi underwear style.

Where most of papi’s underwear is contemporarily snug, the Clasico underwear is old-school not just in their aesthetic but also their fit. They’re more loose-fitting – still plenty flattering and “more generous” around the back, thighs and inseam and a little longer in the legs. In fact, the Clasico Trunk isn’t far off from a boxer brief.

How We’d Wear It: We’d wear the Viva papi Heritage Clasico Trunk as the starting point of an outfit that’s equally sporty, casual and stylish. Right off the baseball bat we’re picturing blue jeans – not too light and not too dark – and a shirt with raglan sleeves. The raglan sleeves have the same baseball vibe as the underwear from the new papi Heritage Collection, and, depending on the color, can be just as evergreen or perfect for your new fall fashion.

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Check out the new Viva papi Heritage Collection here. Our Editor’s Pick: papi is exclusively available at Macy’s and other retail stores.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Simon Iessagholian

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