Review: Pikante Hillcrest Thong, Grape

Pikante Hillcrest Thong, Grape

Item reviewed: Pikante Hillcrest Thong, Grape

About the product: The Pikante Hillcrest Thong in Grape is a microfiber no back thong. A small microfiber pouch provides a smooth fabric with a little bit of stretch to keep your package in place. The string waistband and thong are made of a braided three-color elastic string. There is a small Pikante plastic tag to provide slight branding on the pouch.

What we like: The braided string provides nice detail to a minimally styled thong. The pouch has a smooth feel to it and is decently comfortable.

What we don’t like: The material of the string can be a bit scratchy if you are moving around too much in these thongs.

When we’d wear them: To that cute friend’s going away party, or to a house party in Malibu.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys working on their lap dances.

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Roman, Tiny, Delicate

Pikante Hillcrest Thong, Grape

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