The Tani 20-Something, And Luxury Brands

Tani is considered a luxury brand largely because of the high-quality materials they use for each of their collections. But Tani is recognized as luxurious even before the fabrics are felt. It’s their designs’ appearances. Rather than making a top-of-your-lungs fashion statement, they are mature and simple. It’s a masculine aesthetic that every man can pull off. It’s also an aesthetic that more and more young men are turning toward.

Young men care more about their underwear than previous generations. There could be several reasons for this. Maybe it has something to do with social media? But not everyone is game to upload underwear selfies. Whatever the case, men are becoming more fashionable in general. Or as most would likely rather put it, they’re caring more about their appearances.


This shift in men’s fashion could be attributed to the increasing prevalence of gay culture in the media. It’s a partially correct stereotype, that gay men were not just born that way, but born with a sense of style. Gay men are much more likely than straight men to wear clothing—and underwear—that strays from the ordinary. As such, a desire for the finer things in life is rubbing off on young men and straight men alike.

Part of what draws the stylish 20-something to luxury brands such as Tani is a sense of maturity. You won’t find bold waistbands with large letters. You won’t find exposed asses. What you will find is streamlined pairs of underwear, each adult and contemporary, and luxurious. This remains true for Tani’s fitness and performance underwear, even their loungewear.


Tani is one of the few luxury brands with a 20-something customer base. Most brands that label themselves as “luxury” are more often frequented by a slightly older crowd. But that’s where Tani does things differently. They stick to their superior materials and their luxurious quality without ignoring young mens’ underwear concerns. More than anything, they want to look good. That’s why Tani’s luxury is not just something you feel, but something you see.

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Photo Credit: Tani, Andrew Werner

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