Betones Animal Collection, Form-Fitting Fauna

The Betones Animal Collection of boxer briefs ($25) is like a safari for your underwear drawer, your style’s spirit animal, a walk on the wild side. Available in several upbeat and charming looks, the Animal Collection uses solid prints to breath life into each printed anima graphicl. We see polar bears, otters, turtles, and lions. We see penguins, porcupines, and koalas. They aren’t your typical animals. And because their designs are made with the Betones’ comfortable construction, they won’t fit like your typical underwear.

Just about every look in the Betones Animal Collection is asymmetrical, giving each boxer brief some visual variety. It makes the entire collection a little fashionable, without distracting from the fun animal graphics. The black Betones Animal Boxer features white polar bears on a black body, patterned with small red and white hearts and spades. With color pops and small shape print, this is the trendiest look from the Betones Animal Collection.

The look that most rocks the Betones aesthetic is the Betones Animal Boxer in green. This boxer brief is designed with penguins and arrows that point them in the right direction. They march across the underwear look, and leave you with a bright and unique appearance. Other guys might even take notice, and march in line.

Which look from the Betones Animal Collection do you think has the best animal graphic? Are any of the featured animals your spirit animal? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Betones

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