Tag Team The CX21 Jockstrap 2-Pack

Cocksox’s CX21 Jockstrap 2-Pack ($45) includes the sexy, sporty number in gold and black. The jockstrap has a manly design with a thick black waistband, and a pouch that makes your dick look bigger. Partnered with the hot jock underwear style, this is a 2-pack for the players, no matter their game.

The CX21 Jockstrap is made from 92% supplex and 8% lycra, a moisture wicking blend that feels like cotton. Since the jockstrap is unlined, your junk gets to enjoy this too. The super wide waistband is 42mm thick, giving the look more girth than the enhancing pouch alone. This is one of Cocksox’s sexier looks, and one that’s 100% entirely ass-tastic. It’s great for athletic butts, all jocks are. In fact, that’s why professional sports players are always spanking each other. Right?

The Cocksox CX21 Jockstrap 2-Pack is available in sizes S-XL.

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