Contrasting Waistbands, A TUX Top Trend


Color blocking was one of the year’s biggest trends and inspired contrasting waistbands. The elastic made a prominent impact on our underwear collections, and one we hope lasts. The waistbands worked the same way as color blocking. They have limited space to play with color, less room to say just as much.

You want the color to pop against others in the look. And no matter the combination, contrasting waistbands are a trendy touch, especially when they’re visible. This is a roundup of stand out contrasting waistbands. Several top picks include blue and pink. Many brands used both, but not always paired the same way.

How many of your underwear pairs have contrasting waistbands? Do you have a favorite combination of colors you like to see on underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Garçon Model, Gregg Homme, Papi

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Garçon Model, Gregg Homme, Papi

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