TUX Is Thankful For Underwear, A Not So Brief List


We’d have no problem admitting that we’re thankful for underwear this year, even if dear old grandmother is sitting next to us at the dinner table. How could we not be appreciative of all we’ve seen and worn? More exciting and jaw-dropping styles were released lately than we would dare hope for. But we’re grateful for more than just the products we love to wear and show off.

We’re always keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes on the prizes. We love all things underwear here at The Underwear Expert — from the models who make the underwear look their best (or is the other way around?) to the fashionable designs and sound manufacturing processes. There are also the campaigns we never stop watching, the ones running the gamut from artistic and stylish to balls-to-the-wall sexy, literally. We could go on and on. And we did below. This year, The Underwear Expert team is especially thankful…

1. For being let inside “Room XIV”

Mark MacKillop’s series of selfies was liked enough to warrant their compilation into a book. “Room XIV” is then the sexiest coffee table book imaginable. The only thing it lacks, though, it Mark MacKillop’s voice, that certain je ne sais quoi that he has. His charisma, his charm. Not to worry though, TUX got an exclusive interview with the stunning dancer. He teaches us, and you, how to properly take a selfie.

2. That teamm8 released their first jockstraps

Australian brand teamm8 is finally taking us to the outback. Their first line of jockstraps resembles the designs of their briefs. They use the same colors and have the sporty strips flanking the pouch, but with an obvious sex appeal added to the look.


3. For Cory Zwierzynski’s huge (and hot) wing-span

The Andrew Christian “Angels Vs Demons” video was ridiculous in all the best ways. Our favorite AC models took sides, entering the fray in an epic battle. The fiery Topher DiMaggio was a baddie, of course. And then Cory Zwierzynski was, well, angelic. If you don’t watch the video again for Cory, watch it to see Andrew Christian playing God. Not the way plays God with our underwear collections, but in the way that gives Jim Caviezel a run for his money (almost).


4. For 2(X)IST’s 2014 Swimwear Collection

Remember when we were drowning in swimwear? Even then, 2(X)IST’s swimwear collection for 2014 was like a breath of fresh air. They had swim briefs, trunks and shorts — anything you’d want to make a stylish splash. 2(X)IST also launched some funky patterns we didn’t know the brand had in them. Forget making splashes, this collection made waves. And we’re still feeling the motion of the ocean.


5. That Boxerfy mixed up the average underwear club

Boxerfy is not your typical underwear of the month club. Their selections are curated by a team of women, all of whom have worked in the fashion industry. The Boxerfy team only picks from select brands, ones that use superior fabrics for handsome designs. The best part is when your underwear comes in the mail. You have a new underwear look to rock, and a month-long anticipation sets in for the next awesome pair.


6. That Mundo Unico is lookin’ out for their employees, and Mother Nature

Perhaps more than any other brand we can think of, Mundo Unico looks out for their employees as well as their customers. Their workers receive fair wages and operate in clean working conditions. The brand also uses cotton that is harvested through environmentally thoughtful processes. In a world where fast fashion and unfair business practices are far too common, this is a nice change and one the brand’s best selling points.


7. For Jason Wimberly’s fitness tips, and face

The oh so pretty Jason Wimberly has a body we could stare at all day, if his face would stop distracting us. He is sculpted like a statue of Adonis, maybe even cuter. He’s also a total sweetheart when giving us fitness advice. Jason even has his own fitness label, Wimberlean, which clearly works — just look at him! Or Jane Lynch, because he also happens to be her personal trainer.


8. For painted-on apparel clothes rather than real ones

If you thought the “Angels Vs Demons” video from Andrew Christian was ridiculous, this one will really have you wide-eyed and asking, “did they really just do that?” To answer your question, yes, they did. The video has a lot of memorable moments, from when it literally starts raining raindrop-sized men, to the moment you realize Rock Santos is actually naked. He may be the first weather man to actually change the temperature, ’cause we’re starting to feel a little warm.


9. That Gregg Homme released 12 new underwear lines

We see right through what Gregg Homme is trying to do, and that’s the point. The Canadian-based brand released 12 new collections recently. Yes, 12. And no matter the material, cut, what-have-you, each of them hits those high sexy notes. But not without a dash of class and some handsome touches. This is Gregg Homme after all, perfect for the gentleman with a kinky streak.


10. For aussieBum’s reinvention of the toga

This might be the coolest pair of underwear we’ve seen in a long time. From aussieBum’s Gladiator Collection, the Gladiator Toga is designed to resemble attire from another era. The fabric rises and disappears behind the waistband, making the Toga shockingly hot and refreshingly unique. We can’t imagine wearing pants of this though, it’s too interesting to keep covered.


11. That Happy Socks sparked Snoop Dogg’s creativity 

When you think “Happy Socks,” Snoop Dogg and blunts probably doesn’t come to mind. It does now though. The rapper collaborated with the brand on three totally dope sock styles. One has paint brushes and random objects scattered around. One has “gin” printed on one toe, “juice” on the other. The third has Rastafarian-colored stripes and marijuana leaves. Thanks Snoop, we’re also thankful for you this year.

12. For the Garçon Model Miami Collection

Garçon Model knows what they do best. Their brightly colored briefs are a delight to see and a total joy to wear. Their Miami Collection has some of the best uses of neon we’ve seen all year. And we also love their metallic waistbands that bring a shimmering pizazz to every pair. Infused with Miami’s sunlight and nightlife, the entire Miami Collection is illuminating and lively.


13. For Phil Fusco’s Instagram

Yum! There really isn’t much more to say than that. Phil Fusco is too damn sexy not follow on Instagram. He’s also pretty funny too. Sporadically posted between his shirtless selfies are memes that will make you laugh out loud. That is, if you can get your breath back after Phil takes it away. Phil is eye candy, thinspiration, and forever a favorite.


14. For Rounderbum’s summer of World Cup underwear

Remember the World Cup this summer? Even if you don, you’ll probably remember Rounderbum’s “World Cup Series” more. A few brands got in on patriotic underwear designs, looks made to support your home country or team of choice. Still, Rounderbum’s Wold Cup undies were the best. Each nation’s colors were used in stylish ways, and the entire range brimmed with international taste.


15. And finally, for Freedom Reigns getting us in the holiday spirit

Christmas lights went up early and we weren’t feeling it. We even saw all that Thanksgiving food on TV, and still felt nothing. But then Freedom Reigns released us from our winter blues and launched us into a festive mood. The model below helped a great deal. But so did Freedom Reigns by offering a special Holiday 2-Pack of briefs.


Did you pick up any new pairs of underwear this year that you’re especially thankful for? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Freedom Reigns, Garçon ModelGregg Homme, Happy Socks, Mundo Unico, Rounderbum, teamm8

Photo Credit: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Boxerfy, Scott Palmer for Freedom Reigns, Garçon Model, Gregg Homme, Mundo Unico, Phil Fusco, Rounderbum, teamm8, Wimberlean

Video Credit: Happy Socks, The Underwear Expert

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