Diesel Kory Trunk, A 3-Pack Of Bolder Basics


Go back to basics with the Diesel Kory Trunk – Basic 3-Pack in grey, white, and black colors. The have a cut that is simplistic, no extra frills or gimmicks. Instead, Diesel opts to be masculine and reserved with the Kory Trunk, making it a front-runner to be a favorite go-to in your underwear drawer.

The 3-pack ($39) is great for when you need some solid stability in your life, and even more so in your underwear collection. The trunks bring you back down to earth with their comfortably functional plush stretch cotton. They also have a classic soft elastic waistband, the Diesel logo printed proudly in the front. To enhance comfort, they also feature a double-layered pouch and full bottom coverage. A basic staple for every man’s underwear collection, the Diesel Kory Trunk is an exceptional addition.

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The Diesel Kory Trunk collection is available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on the brand: Diesel

Photo Credit: Freshpair