Get The Look: Oscar Emboaba


We are going out as Oscar Emboaba, but this is basically a guide on how to look like a classic underwear ad. You’ll need your underwear, of course. And if you are drawing inspiration from where we are, make sure to get the waistband right. There is also a signature in the corner — you’re going to need a Sharpie. Spend Halloween night signing your name on every cup. Bam! All the drinks are yours. You’ll also need some hair combs, or a brush. Oscar Emboaba’s hair is hurricane-proof in the picture. Follow suit. And this is one cheap “costume,” so don’t cut corners.

CK Bold Micro Trunk: $28
Sharpie pens: $5
Hair comb: $3

Is a pair of underwear all the Halloween costume you need? Is a pen all you need to steal someone’s drink? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


Photo Credit: Oscar Emboaba, Amazon, Freshpair

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