Euro Style, The Emporio Armani Mesh Brief


Emporio Armani Mesh Brief

We know what we’re getting when we slip into anything from Emporio Armani, but the Emporio Armani Mesh Brief (46), we’re getting double or expectations. We still get the European quality, but now we are getting a bit of extra sex appeal to boot.

The Emporio Armani Mesh Briefs are made from a fabric blend that is 76% cotton, 16% elastane, and 8 % polyamide. It feels soft on the skin and is heavy on support. The sides, back, and part of the front are a sexy mesh design, so you’ll be able to see – albeit faintly – the outlines of your skin below the underwear for a scintillating appeal.

The pouch is not mesh but rather soft and fully-loomed cotton. It has an anatomical shape with a center seam for support and space, as well as cuts that ride high up the thigh and are flatlock stitched to enclose the elastic leg bands. The seat is smooth and seamless and the soft waistband has the glossy, rubberized logo and plush backing. Pretty lush!

Overall, the Emporio Armani Mesh Brief is a sexy and supportive look from Armani that will keep you from dangling and won’t leave others hanging. It is available in sizes S-XL and in white only.

What other clothing would you wear that is mesh? What is the best place to where mesh?Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Emporio Armani

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