10 Performance Underwear Collections To Sweat In, Swear By


Performance Underwear

If you really put effort into your gym workouts, you’re going to break a sweat. And if you’re wearing the wrong kind of underwear, you could get uncomfortable a lot faster than you’re running. Having pairs of performance underwear in your gym bag is is essential. Not only will the right pair of underwear keep you cool and dry throughout your gym session, but they will help you get the most out of your workout. And besides, running as fast as your can with weightless underwear just feels awesome! This is our list of performance underwear collections and brands that are all suitable for the gym. Ready to sweat?

10. Jockey


Jockey is one of the more well-known brands to produce performance underwear. Their Sports Mesh Boxer is made from a fabric blend of 92% nylon and 8% spandex for a fit that holds your body nice and tight while you run. The material is stretchy and combined with a longer leg length, making them great to move your legs in.

9. Lupo


Lupo’s sport collection of performance underwear is top-of-the-line. They use micromodal for a lot of their compression looks, which range from tees and tanks to running shorts. Lupo also has a solid collection of performance socks, which, if you are a runner, are very important to have.

8. Malebasics


Of course we want to bring one of our favorite, sexy brands to the gym. We sweat in them at home, so why not there? Malebasics’ performance underwear is also made from a slimming and form-fitting blend of nylon and spandex. The material is lightweight and sleek, and the looks also feature a special ‘uplift technology.’ If you look at the sexy guy’s bulge in the image above, you can see what that does to your silhouette.

7. Papi


Papi’s performance underwear is a lot of fun, and comes in the brand’s quintessential bright colors and classic cuts. Their polyester and spandex blend is moisture wicking and quick-drying, which is perfect for when you put in some cardio time and get really sweaty. The soft microfiber material is also slim-fitting for a flattering look.

6. Tani


Made from 95% superfine Micro Tencel, the Tani Air Fitness Collection is designed to keep you cool and dry. But Tani uses only the best materials for their products, and in addition to being moisture wicking, this collection’s fabric is also antimicrobial and biodegradable. Even if you are going to sweat in them, Tani looks are always a luxuriously comfortable way to go.

5. Equmen


Equmen is know now for the health benefits that their apparel enables. Providing better posture is a big one, and if you have better posture at the gym, your workouts will be much more effective. Not only that, but  your results will be more impressive. Equmen’s products are also moisture wicking and enhance blood circulation.

4. Andrew Christian


Andrew Christian’s gym looks are for those workouts where you know you’re sexy, and it helps you go that extra mile. AC has a plethora of sexy, sleeveless hoodies that are ideal for working out and attracting people effortlessly. Their gym shorts are also really hot, and come in Andrew Christian’s signature color combinations. But of course, the really sexy performance looks are the ones with mesh or burnout fabric.

3. UnderArmour


UnderArmour has just about become the standard when it comes to performance underwear. Their looks are great for working out in, and their product development is always impressive. And while UnderArmour’s underwear is comfortable and impressive, their shorts are some of the most comfortable to run in and some of the brand’s best products.

2. C-IN2


C-IN2 is another brand that brings sexy to the gym. Their collection of performance underwear and activewear is all classically attractive and sporty. Several of their looks are quick drying (5 times faster than other fabrics) and utilize moisture transfer technology that places sweat from the inside of their underwear on the outside. If you really get sweaty during cardio, this is priceless.

1. N2N


N2N, your performance underwear collections are amazing and sexy. With over 10 separate collections of activewear, N2N is our personal favorite when it comes to underwear brands that are made for the gym. Their looks are sporty in the best possible ways, drawing inspiration from what has to be retro gym uniforms. There is nylon and spandex. There are shorts, singlets, and tanks. With a gym bag full of N2N, you’ll always be looking good. Even when you’re dripping sweat and ‘feel gross,’ N2N performance underwear and activewear will make your gym session a sexy and effective one.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, C-IN2, Equmen, Jockey, Lupo, Malebasics, N2N, Papi, Tani, UnderArmour

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Equmen, Freshpair, Jockey, Lupo, Malebasics, N2N, Papi, Tani