The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Collection Says It All

Almost Naked Collection

Can you guess how you’ll feel while wearing the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Collection? We’ll give you a hint: it’s in the name. Yes, you’ll feel almost naked. And if you can’t be completely naked, then almost is good enough. The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Collection includes briefs ($22.43), boxers ($24.93), and a jock ($24.93), affectionately called a “bubble butt.” And each look in the collection sports the inclusion of several Andrew Christian standards.

For starters, all three looks in the Almost Naked Collection contain a well hidden “comfy cup.” This horseshoe-shaped inner line provides lift and support that Andrew Christian has coined as ‘show it technology.’ Bet you can’t guess what that’s for. There’s also no seam on this anatomically correct pouch. The inner ring does the work so that the fabric doesn’t have to — made from a comfortable blend of 93% bamboo rayon and 7% spandex that hugs your hips and keeps you dry. Overall, the natural male enhancement elements of the pouch are the largest of any of the Andrew Christian lines.

The waistband is relatively thin and sits below the hips. For an extra kick, the letters glow bright under black lights. Because of that, hey are the perfect look for when you’re heading out for a night of clubbing. The stitching and seams are hidden with elegance and the briefs, boxers, and jock are lined with a color blocked blue that holds tightly to your legs and waist.

The Bubble Butt Jock in the Almost Naked Collection is a step above normal jocks as well. It has 4 straps on the backside. Two follow the bottom lines of your behind and 2 go straight up. The overall look is like a spider’s web, but the support to your “bubble butt” cannot be beat. Plus, the color blocking is extended onto these support straps for an added look of absolute style.

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Collection is available in lime or royal blue and comes in sizes XS-XL.

You going to take your “bubble butt” out to the dance floor anytime soon? What’s your favorite club hit to shake your money maker to? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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