GO Green Fit: More Hang Power Cleans

Hang power cleans are an ideal exercise when trying to increase muscle size and strength. Essentially, hang power cleans are a combination of an upright row and front squat. It is a power lift, which means it takes a lot of effort and focus, and above all, strict adherence to form. To begin, position the bar at about the height of your knees. You’ll want to grab the bar just a little wider than shoulder-width, and then lift the bar off the stand. It is important to keep your chest up and your head facing forward, with your arms fully extended.

Now comes the hard part. You want to pack a lot of force into your knees and hips, extending them while still keeping your arms straight. After this you re-bend your hips and knees and prepare to lift the bar up. From here you rotate your elbows around the bar and get it up to your shoulders. And then finally, you come to a standing position, the bar still up at your shoulders. Do these right, and your hamstrings will never be the same.

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