#BoxerFy: Recap Of Boxerfy’s Instagram

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Boxerfy gaining popularity is a no-brainer when you look at what they offer: fashionable underwear delivered to your door once per month. And looking at what Boxerfy posts to their Instagram, you can see where some of that buzz is sounding from. We are looking back and recapping Boxerfy’s Instagram account, showing what the retailer is all about.


Everything Boxerfy uploads to Instagram is at least one of two things: sensual and artistic. These shots in particular hit both of those marks, and prove that Boxerfy has its eyes on style, and is knowledgeable about style too.


Not without a sense of humor and Photoshop skills, Boxerfy also has some clever posts that give the brand identity a casual charm. But they make a point: underwear is a timeless thing, and should be treated with a suitable amount of attention.


But when marketing underwear, a little sex appeal never hurt anyone. They Boxerfy brand also has some playful posts, some with just text reading “Get Some” and like the one picture above, underwear that is about to be pulled down.


These group shots from Boxerfy’s Instagram are pretty sexy, and look like classic underwear ads. Sticking to color schemes that photograph awesomely on all the models., these shots are not only stellar underwear ads, but great photographs.


See what we mean by artistic? The shot on the left is a great photo, both models looking attractive and holding true to their blue, black, and white colors. And then the picture on the right is just some good advice, and all those who follow it would definitely be fans on Boxerfy.


Boxerfy’s Instagram is also chock-full of good-looking people, both men and women. The guy on the right is undeniably sexy. with ink covering half of his chest and an arm. The women on the right is utterly beautiful. Both of them look awesome, and are worth following Boxerfy’s Instagram for.


Boxerfy’s Instagram also features some artwork in addition to the text and model photos. It is treats like these that set Boxerfy’s Instagram apart. Not that we don’t love gorgeous models, but we also appreciate some artistic sensibilities from time to time.


Boxerfy’s Instagram shots also deviate from the typical hot-model-boring-background format. Boxerfy’s artistic and stylish perspective it what chose the two shots above, which area also great examples of great photography. The car shot shows off the socks that Boxerfy offers, and the floral shot is beautiful, no doubt about it.


Bjorn Borg makes frequent appearances on Boxerfy’s Instagram, and there shots are also worth looking at more than once. These shots in particular are a couple of great ones, and flaunt one of the brands that made the cut for Boxerfy’s panel of experts.


Boxerfy’s Instagram is really entertaining, and fashionable, providing its followers with a lot of different flavors of eye candy. And no matter what you are in the mood for, so long as it is underwear related, you can find it on Boxerfy’s Instagram.

Do you follow Boxerfy on Instagram and love when they pop up on your feed? What other underwear-realted Instragram accounts do you follow? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Boxerfy, Instagram