The Bodyaware Change Your Spots Collection: Ferocious. Fierce. Fun!

Bodyaware Change Your Spots

The Bodyaware Change Your Spots Collection is the perfect blend of George Of The Jungle fun and Tarzan super-sexiness. The collection features briefs ($18.00), tangas ($17.50), and thongs ($18.00) in various rhythm-of-the-night tropical colors, and all with hot leopard spots. Each is perfect for hot summer nights out on the prowl.

The polyester and spandex blend on these wildcats feels as smooth on your skin as nylon. And the spots aren’t the only thing as stealthy as a leopard. All three looks feature a smartly contouring pouch devoid of stitching, piping, or seams of any kind. Instead the soft, stretchy, and natural-feeling collection does the work it needs with the silent grace of a jungle cat.

The backsides differ on each look respectively. The briefs lift and tuck to hold in your backside firmly and the tanga’s backside is pouch shaped and splits your butt to provide support down and under. The thong splits the difference. On all 3, the waistband is super soft with the elastic logo waistband well stitched to hold any of the looks just off your hip line giving you a modern and state of the art loin-cloth look.

The Bodyaware Change Your Spots Collection comes in orange, blue, and pink. All three colors catch the light and contrast with shiny brilliance off the leopard spots that cover the entirety of the underwear. All three look are available in S-2XL. If you’re ready to go on the hunt this summer, then this collection is for you.

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